~Eastern Fox Snake~


Eastern Fox Snake
Elaphe vulpina gloydi

      The Eastern Fox Snake* is currently listed as a Threatened  Species by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources making it illegal to possess, disturb or handle this species. The  snake pictured above is a captive specimen (Permit #1331) that  the Hartley Staff uses to educate students about this  state-threatened species.

      Originally the Eastern Fox Snake was a resident of the  extensive marshes that bordered Lakes Erie and Huron and  their immediate environs. Today the Eastern Fox Snake is only  found in a few areas where remnants of this once vast wetland  habitat remains.

      Saginaw County is one of the few counties in Michigan where  the Eastern Fox Snake can still be found in relative abundance.  The loss & pollution of wetland habitats, indiscriminate killing  by people who think the fox snake is poisonous (it is not!),  illegal collecting and road kills are all factors in the decline of  this species.

      *The Eastern Fox Snake is also sometimes called the spotted adder in our  area.

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