virtual field trips


Experience Hartley in a virtual setting from the comfort of your classroom! With a Hartley educator as the guide, students participate in interactive lessons that connect them to environmental science and the natural world in their community. Virtual lessons are designed to allow students to explore and learn about specific topics in a fun, engaging manner. Each lesson integrates science, literacy, and social and emotional learning throughout the virtual experience. 

As a four-time recipient of the Pinnacle Award, Hartley is on the cutting edge of creating engaging, remote lesson plans. First awarded in 2013 and again as recently as 2023, Hartley continues to be recognized by the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) for outstanding ratings on program evaluations by educators and activity directors for interactive virtual programming with a total of six recognitions.

For registration please call our office at 989.865.6295. Classes based on teacher availability.

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