Last week, St. Charles Elementary visited Hartley for their annual trip! This year, Superintendent Benson joined them for three days. During their free time, he lead the students in making the tallest Strawbee tower that Hartley has seen this year! #HartleyOEC #SISD
4 days ago, Samantha Simons
Hartley Outdoor Education Naturalist Paul Roose would like to share a few wildflowers found at Hartley this week! Want an awesome job like him? Click here: #HartleyOEC
5 days ago, Paul Roose
Wild Geranium
Spring Cress
Swamp Buttercup
Shoutout to the amazing Class of 2023! Over the years, Hartley Outdoor Education Center has cherished your visits and witnessed your growth. Congrats on graduating, and may your adventures continue to thrive! #ClassOf2023
5 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
This past week Program Director Eric Rutherford had the privilege to discuss the history, current state, and future of the Hartley Outdoor Education Center with the Rotary Club of Saginaw. Thank you to the Rotary Club of Saginaw for hosting an amazing meeting. #HartleyOEC
9 days ago, Eric Rutherford
Person presenting at Rotary meeting
#ThrowbackThursday On October 4, 1989, the Saginaw News featured Clifford Barckholtz sitting atop Hartley's Fowler one-room schoolhouse, which is now 142 years old! If you would like more Hartley History, please head to:
10 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
WORK WITH NATURE: Join us as an Outdoor Education Naturalist at Hartley! Inspire young minds, foster environmental awareness, and make a lasting impact. Apply now! #OutdoorEducation #JoinOurTeam
11 days ago, Coty Kuschinsky
Every year Hartley staff waits for the ground hog's babies to appear. We spotted five this morning! The female groundhog typically births a litter of two to six hairless and blind offspring. Did you know young groundhogs are called kits, puppies, or even chucklings? #HartleyOEC
13 days ago, Samantha Simons
Groundhog babies
ground hog hiding
Hartley OEC is excited to be the host location for the “Outside of the Classroom Professional Development” session from REMC 9 and Saginaw ISD. We hope to see you there on Saturday, June 3rd! There is still time to register: #Hartley
18 days ago, Eric Rutherford
Photo of advertisement
Today is Migratory Bird Day, which makes us aware that birds are the best migrators, and we must protect their habitats everywhere they go. Here are a few recent bird friends found at Hartley. #HartleyOEC
22 days ago, Paul Roose
Black-throated Blue Warbler (Male)
Eastern Phoebe
Pileated Woodpecker
Robin nest with eggs.
Here is the first Eastern Fox Snake of the year, and it was a BIG one! It was about 4 1/2 - 5' in length, and even though they are harmless, this one was a tad feisty! If you see one on our site, please let us know. #HartleyOEC
22 days ago, Paul Roose
Eastern Fox Snake
Mr. Roose with Fox Snake
What a great day to adventure into the woods to explore nature. Our kindergarten friends from Swan Valley spent the morning exploring the woods with us. Many discoveries were made, including salamanders, earthworms, centipedes, and so much more! #HartleyOEC #SISD #OurStory
25 days ago, Eric Rutherford
boy holding salamander
students looking in log
boy holding earthworm
girls holding salamanders
Here are a few of the wetland organisms that the Weiss 5th grade found today at Hartley. #HartleyOEC
26 days ago, Paul Roose
Green frog
Chorus Frog
Spring Peeper
Garter Snake
Kolb Elementary kindergarten students had unique learning opportunities while attending the Hartley Outdoor Education Center. While here, the students read “The Log Hotel” book and then explored nature to discover the trees, plants, insects, animals, and more found in the book. This experience allowed the students to connect with the book in a tangible and immersive way. #HartleyOEC #SISD #OurStory
29 days ago, Eric Rutherford
two girls holding salamander
group of kids looking in log
kids touching moss
This past week Hartley OEC staff welcomed over 125 North Elementary 3rd graders from Birch Run. Students and staff had an excellent time collecting different species for their Wetlands class and watching the goslings. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 1 month ago, Eric Rutherford
Two boys with a jar containing a fish
two students holding a net and jar with a frog
two Canadian Geese with goslings
Hartley had a very busy day! Students from Owosso departed, a new group of residential students arrived as well as we welcomed North for a day trip. It's a good thing we have a big parking lot to hold all 7 of these buses. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 1 month ago, Samantha Simons
Check out Hartley's live cams. The geese are back with their goslings in tow. The same geese spend every year with us until it is time for them to head south. Come back often to watch the little ones grow! #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 1 month ago, Samantha Simons
Happy #EarthDay from Hartley Outdoor Education Center! Today, and every day, we celebrate our commitment to environmental education that inspires a love and appreciation for nature in people of all ages. #HartleyOEC 🌍
about 1 month ago, Coty Kuschinsky
earth day
After their first night at Hartley Outdoor Education Center, the Reese students left us a few messages. This is the first time the school has been here! #HOEC #SaginawISD
about 1 month ago, Samantha Simons
White Board
It was the first time the Chandler Park kids from Harper Woods came to Hartley. They had an amazing time making funnel cakes, playing with pioneer toys, and learning about Native American culture. We can't wait to see them again next year! #SISD #HartleyOEC
about 2 months ago, Samantha Simons
funnel cakes
Two people
Want to know what's happening year-round at Hartley? Sign up to receive our newsletter. Look for our April edition to be out shortly! #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 2 months ago, Samantha Simons