Happy International Forests Day! Let's celebrate the vital role of forests in our world - providing clean air and water while being home to countless species. We might be a little biased, but we think Michigan has the best ones! #IntlForestsDay #HartleyOEC
about 10 hours ago, Coty Kuschinsky
Another great snow day at Hartley! The Chesaning 5th graders had a blast sledding the morning away. #HartleyOEC #SISD
11 days ago, Samantha Simons
Chesaning Elementary students had a fantastic day in our Outdoor Survival class at Hartley OEC. Students formed teams to build shelters, start fires, and boil water. For more information, head to: https://hartley.sisd.cc/
13 days ago, Eric Rutherford
students in wood shelter
student starting a fire with a fire sparker
students in a wood shelter
Hartley Program Director Eric Rutherford spent yesterday at future residential attendees Chandler Park Academy for a student and parent meeting. We are looking forward to welcoming Chandler Park to Hartley in April! #SISD #HartleyOEC
13 days ago, Eric Rutherford
screen with Hartley logo
room full of people
The students from North in Birch Run are getting our famous chocolate chip cookies for dinner. Yum! #HartleyOEC #SISD
21 days ago, Samantha Simons
Kolb's 2nd and 3rd graders were out for the day to complete their PBL project which included building birdhouses and decorating bat boxes. See if you can spot them the next time you're at Hartley! #HartleyOEC #SISD
29 days ago, Samantha Simons
bat box
We took a snow day from classes too! The Adkins Elementary residential students enjoyed sledding, some of them for the first time. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 1 month ago, Samantha Simons
This #ThrowBackThursday is dedicated to the coal mine museum. Let us know if you recognize anyone in the photos. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 1 month ago, Samantha Simons
Hartley Program Director, Eric Rutherford, had the pleasure of presenting about Hartley to the Women’s National Farm & Garden Association - Saginaw Branch. Over 80% of the attendees had either attended Hartley or had a child attend. Hartley OEC is so thankful for all of the wonderful organizations that help support us! #HartleyOEC #SaginawISD
about 1 month ago, Eric Rutherford
women at tables for a meal
Farm & Garden Logo
Here are a few photos from the Nature Photography class last week by the students from Immanuel, St. Peter, and Holy Cross. #HartleyOEC
about 1 month ago, Paul Roose
Little white pine poking out of snow
Schroeder Log home
Sun shining through cattails.
Interesting cracks in the ice.
Shelf fungus
Have you checked out Hartley Outdoor Education Center's new website yet? Our site provides live cameras that feature our beautiful pond and everything our Michigan nature has to offer! https://hartley.sisd.cc/o/hoec/page/live-cameras
about 1 month ago, Coty Kuschinsky
Why did the wild turkeys cross the road? To get to Hartley of course! #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 1 month ago, Samantha Simons
Spring must be close! Here is one of the Robins we have seen at Hartley Outdoor Education Center over the last two days. Have you been able to see any yet? #HartleyOEC
about 2 months ago, Paul Roose
Robin in bush.
Hartley has its own groundhog that, like most other groundhogs, is slumbering away until spring. She will leave it to Phil to forecast the weather. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 2 months ago, Samantha Simons
Here are some of the pictures that the students took during Nature Photography class at Hartley last week. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 2 months ago, Paul Roose
Schroeder Log Home
Hartley Outdoor Education Center building
Bald Eagle
Fresh squirrel tracks
Hartley Outdoor Education Center is excited to announce our new website will be live NEXT WEEK! Please stay tuned for our official media release and link! #HartleyOEC
about 2 months ago, Coty Kuschinsky
coming soon
Hartley OEC, along with the Saginaw ISD and Hartley Foundation, would like to thank Karen Reiber for her dedication and service as the Hartley Foundation Treasurer for the past 14 years. We wish you all the best in your retirement! #HartleyOEC
about 2 months ago, Eric Rutherford
two people with an award
Hartley has turned into a winter wonderland. #HartleyOEC #SISD
about 2 months ago, Samantha Simons
Have you checked out Hartley's live cameras? We have two facing the pond that will give your classroom or workspace a peaceful backdrop! Before we launch our new website you can head over to: https://www.sisd.cc/page/hartley-outdoor-education-center
about 2 months ago, Coty Kuschinsky
When there is new falling snow sometimes you will find living animals on top. Just look for black "things" as you walk and it might turn out to be a springtail (snow flea) or a caterpillar, like this one found on Wednesday. #HartleyOEC
about 2 months ago, Paul Roose
Caterpillar on snow